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DomiNATION Beginners PvE (8xH, 20xXP, 15xT/B) - (v256.51)

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First Seen Apr 17, 2016 at 12:26 PM
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Posted by Nast 2 days ago (view single)
I stand by my previous comment. Come see for yourself. Don't trust random comments from internet strangers, either for or against. Come join our server, at least long enough to get to know our admins and players, and draw your own conclusion. You'll be pleasantly surprised, I guarantee it.
Posted by Fergus 2 days ago (view single)
So, here we see again Devine being the child he is. I bet you are suprised it was me that banned you, not who you think did it. You were unanimously voted to be banned because you were throwing a temper tantrum while breaking the rules. I got to throw the switch. You were banned for breaking server rules (pillar spamming all around an admin base the hour the center server opened, then pillar spamming every decent building spot on the map while badmouthing the admins) not because of some imagined vendetta against you. You didn't have the highest lvl dinos, I did. You got all pissed off like the child you are when I wouldn't sell you any. You didn't even work for those dinos, an admin spawned them in for you. The community it thriving, and no amount of negative reviews you post will change that. Now go crawl back under your rock and continue being the butthurt little child you are.
Posted by Cirrenova 2 days ago (view single)
This server is actually great. If you can do simple math you'll know the guy below isn't that smart. 850 hours is more than a month ;)
Posted by DIvineBanana 4 days ago (view single)
Man where do I actually start about this Horrific server? I will admit the best server I EVER played on. I put in 850 actual hours of gameplay. Built the biggest and baddest Tribe on the server with only being on my own and 1 other tribemate. There were a lot of "Originals" if you would say that were there before the server got popular.
Posted by DIvineBanana 4 days ago (view single)
They didn't like me taking over the server and building massive structures inside my tribe zone. They didn't like that I also had the highest lvl dino's and only been playing for less then 1 month. They were threaten by this. So, lets get to the part where your really wanting to know why this server BLOWS. So, another tribe got mad that I was taking over the server and I was a tiny tribe and hating that I controlled the economy on the server as well. I mean I do feel bad for them, they were there for months but I was there for only weeks. I surpassed them and was becoming the new dominate tribe. This other tribe that was really threaten by me, started f*cking with me.
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