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DomiNATION Beginners PvE (8xH, 20xXP, 15xT/B) - (v280.115)

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Location US  United States
First Seen Apr 17, 2016 at 12:26 PM
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Posted by Beatific 16 hours, 16 minutes ago (view single)
I have struggled to get into Ark repeatedly. I didn't understand that I needed to get to a custom server with admins and rules and helpful people to finally unleash the power of this game. This server cluster has had my total focus and addiction for the past month and it is owing to the great community and admin that have helped, taught, and guided me through learning this surprisingly complex and enjoyable game. Thank you.
Posted by stormyy 16 hours, 40 minutes ago (view single)
Very amazing server! Admins do there best to help everyone and still enjoy the game themselves they never treat anyone badly. Ive been here for 3months so far and ill be staying here for quite sometime if you want a great community and admin support come check out this cluster and enjoy your stay.
Posted by NanoTech 16 hours, 44 minutes ago (view single)
Amazing server!!!! Awesome people, great trading and crazy good and active mods!
Posted by Korenia 1 day ago (view single)
Amazing place to play. If you see a negative comment here you can bet cash money it's from someone who never learned to get along with others and play to have a good time and not steal/lie/cheat to get their own way. The players and admins are amazingly helpful and friendly, and would never treat anyone badly. I've seen the admins take outright abuse from players without doing more than kicking them for a few minute "time out" to let them cool off. If you're looking for somewhere to call "home" then come check out this cluster. Unless you're a rule-breaking troll who's just out to make trouble for others this is the place to be!
Posted by DoctorBlank 2 days ago (view single)
I played on this server over a year ago. Reason why I haven't been on it is because of some admins who are assholes. One I remember vividly from last year, Angel, was the biggest issue back then. He talked down to players and insulted then, even being told by another admin that the server was for beginners, hence the name of the damn server, after he called one dumb. I was not banned, so that isn't something people could attempt to use, especially seeing since players who weren't aware they were breaking rules were banned because the rules was on the discord, not the server. There are some good admins and the server is also good. But it sucks to see from just 3 weeks ago there's some other mods who are asses, making it appear the owner doesn't care how the players are treated.
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