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W.5/24[MATICHA]CLUSTER#1 X100EZTEK/S+/ARKOM/KIT - (v279.282)

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Join IP: GB Map: ragnarok Rank: 4 Slots: 150
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Location GB  United Kingdom
First Seen May 12, 2018 at 6:47 AM
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Posted by TopCat 4 days ago (view single)
This Cluster is great. As Balanced as a 100x PVP server can be. The Admin doesn't play, but is very active, always helping players out. There's a discord with a "Ticket" system to add additional support as well. A couple of pretty large tribes on it, so I can understand It will be frustrating for smaller tribes. There's a Kill feed and a Kill leader board for each map on the cluster. The Top player for the week gets in game rewards too. If you have a group of 5-10 this is the server for you. In 3k hours on Ark, this is the server where I've had the most Ground PVP! - Really good fun
Posted by A1DANGR33N 1 week ago (view single)
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