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Asgard Awakens - Ragnarok (S+ & ORP2)(x5g&XP,x10T) - (v264.1)

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Posted by Kandy 2 weeks ago (view single)
Amazing server! Just started here and I love it; great community and excellent cluster. Ragnarok is an incredible map and even though established tribes were able to build up day one, the map is large enough that you don't have to worry about crossing territorial lines. PVP is real but not hardcore; this community has a structured set of rules that keeps trolls at bay. Highly recommend this server!
Posted by Grimnir 2 weeks ago (view single)
Ryan, I don't understand what the point is to your comments. The community voted on a transfer and not a complete wipe. The Center was wiped and replaced with Ragnarok. We are running a cluster and yes the brand new Ragnarok map was populated with players, Dinos and items from the other cluster. If you're unhappy in Asgard...there are other servers to go to.
Posted by DeadUpNFun 2 weeks ago (view single)
Since my post they've changed the map name from "(Wiped 7/1)" to "(MC 7/1)" so obviously somebody from their team decided that it WAS false advertising. New players were joining thinking it was going to be a relatively primitive experience for everyone there, but after checking the steam group or finding out the hard way they quickly left because there are fully equipped bases already in place on day 1. The Center didn't wipe, we got to transfer anything we wanted over.
Posted by KronusMaximus 3 weeks ago (view single)
Great Server! Not sure what the last guy was talking about. I logged in to the server on 7/1 and it was a naked map. Says in the server name that it's a 'clustered' server and the last guy indicates that he was trying to get the last of his things transferred but The Center wiped. It's a clustered server, so you've got to expect players on the other cluster to bring things over to Rag. 10/10
Posted by DeadUpNFun 3 weeks ago (view single)
This server is not "(Wiped 7/1)". It was a map change. Here's what they said was going to happen --> From the time of the announcement (June 25th 10:30pm CST) until "Tuesday evening" you could bring everything you own or tamed to the Island... A few minutes prior to SE shutting down they were communicating with us and making sure everyone was off of it at the time they shut it down. Now The Center migration to The Island ended Saturday morning fairly abruptly around 5:30am CST, no warning message or anything just switched it because it looked relatively empty. Mine and at least 1 other tribe were in the process of uploading our dinos and items to the transmitter when it kicked me mid transfer. (1/2)
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