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Zerver TheCenter (S+/PVE/x3) - (v283.101)

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Posted by Zrokz 3 months ago (view single)
Zervers PvE TheCenter Mods
Posted by Zrokz 3 months ago (view single)
This isn't you're normal walk through an Ark TheCenter PvE Server. With Aberration & Scorched Earth Dino & Added Aberrant Dinos. Custom Dino Loot for better gear and random resources (The list is restricted by ark design of containers, does not apply to all dinos.). Supply Crate Loot of random packs and better saddles. Auction House to sell & buy loot or to find your Dino a new owner. Wild Dinos with 25% more resistance to feel more like a battle (Does Not Apply to ~Alphas, Gigas, Rock Drakes, Rock Golems, Dragons. Reapers, Titan or Bosses.) Dino and player level modifications to be a better version of yourself. Please be careful! & Have Fun! For questions or more details, Please join us on our discord.
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