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1/15~1000x~/\we~*Eternal+Primal*~PvPvE~(16 Mods) - (v276.42)

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Owner Goodknight
First Seen Dec 22, 2017 at 7:25 PM
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Posted by Goodknight 1 hour, 12 minutes ago (view single)
This Server Consists of Eternal, Primal Fear, and Pokémon Evolved. They are all balanced accordingly and spawn throughout. PvE is an option and you are allowed to have a big PvE shield around your base if you so wish. There are no Vanilla dinos on the server as resources are now farmed by certain types of Pokémon either crafted at a workbench or found in the wild~ Resistance is set high and a few op Items are disabled. Our goal is to build a good community here, where PvP is friendly and PvE is fun. Ask any questions you have!
Posted by Goodknight 1 hour, 15 minutes ago (view single)
I am always learning about the mods and how to Balance them since they are always being updated and adding new stuff. Resistance is set high for everyone at 0.2 Because of Eternal and Primal fear weapons. The Eternal Tek rifle is now removed. Disregard blghst's comment. The other player did not raid once with the Rifle. blghst was banned twice from this server, once trashing talking everyone + server in General chat, apologized and was then unbanned, and re-banned again for breaking the rules. This server will not tolerate anyone looking to abuse the structured PVP put into play.
Posted by blghst 9 hours, 44 minutes ago (view single)
There are also 2 Pokemon mods that overwrite the vanilla dinos on the server, so if you are looking for resources, make sure you know what Pokemon gives things like angler gell and polly on a photon server. Oh, and you also need to like favortism and getting banned. It is a PvP server, the Admin taylored resistance so only his friend could easily raid because he had a special gun that could do the higher damage and blow through a base outside turret range. After a 10 hour raid to get that gun from that player, we were banned...
Posted by Goodknight 2 days ago (view single)
Posted by Panduhh 2 days ago (view single)
What is the discord
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