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[NL/EU]ArkForce-Wiped 10-11[3xXP][5xH][10xT][Cluster][S+][CF -

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Join IP: IT Map: ragnarok Rank: 19 Slots: 70
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Location IT  Italy
First Seen Oct 23, 2017 at 11:01 AM
Last Offline 2d 22h 13m 29s ago
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Posted by BearZerker 2 days ago (view single)
theirs been raided and then theirs taking the fucking piss we where raided everday where others that just started when we first joined ur server it wall all i dont like people that raid noobs u wiped the server the nxt day and wam u went full dick mode eat shit and shuv ur server right up ur bitch ass forced
Posted by Forced1988 2 days ago (view single)
@Bearzerker I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for this "Piece of shit" comment. This is not a server where there is an admin holding your hand 24/7. The rules clearly state theres no noob protection, if you cant handle being raided then your good riddance.
Posted by BearZerker 5 days ago (view single)
Forced1988 is a piece of shit admin/abuser
Posted by BearZerker 5 days ago (view single)
has to be the worst server ever admins a complete Cunt lets people raid over and over and grief new players Nothing but a bunch of twats in this server u will regret it
Posted by Forced1988 3 weeks ago (view single)
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