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ChaosPVPCenter-Wiped-13/04-140x[SHOP,AA,2.0,Cflyers] - (v279.25

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Location US  United States
First Seen Dec 12, 2017 at 12:50 AM
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Posted by oreno1 2 weeks ago (view single)
Chaos PVP is pretty damn good sever, love the cluster and majority of the community, few good points to note are Admins are active, active player base, good average skill and knowledge level for most players. Bad bits to note are there does seem to be a lot of meshes and it takes a while for them to be banned and not that it can be helped but you have a lot of cocky big tribes with lots of members talking trash and claiming to be soooo good because they wipe a 1-3 man tribe/s. Overall server is mad fun and its just a game <3
Posted by SpudzMcKensie 1 month ago (view single)
Server full of 12 year old virgins. Admin is rude. Don’t bother playing here.
Posted by PotatoShooter 1 month ago (view single)
Have you heard of Cheaters never win? Not on this server! You can break all the rules you want with no consequences. Come mesh with me and let's have some fun!
Posted by SolanumTuberosum 1 month ago (view single)
If you like to cheat without the hassle of getting banned, you have found the server of your dreams. You can aimbot, undermesh, whatever and not worry about getting banned. There really is only one way to get banned: Call the admin Mike an edible tuber... like a potato. Then, it's an insta-ban with absolutely no chance of getting back in. Also, the average age of the players is probably close to 12 or 13, so if that is the type of gaming environment you enjoy, ChaosPVP is the server for you!
Posted by Nilsson 2 months ago (view single)
admins are not banning cheaters.dont play this server...
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