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*Wiped 4/7* PurePvP Center Cluster [5xG/5xT/5xXP] - (v256.51)

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Join IP: US Map: thecenter Rank: 12 Slots: 70
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Location US  United States
Owner playingdead
First Seen Apr 6, 2017 at 11:46 PM
Last Offline 0d 16h 28m 10s ago
Votes 18 Vote
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Current Players: 57/70 (Auto-Updates)
Goldoph joined 7h 29m 2s ago
Unkmu joined 7h 22m 22s ago
TheJokerMonkey joined 6h 15m 41s ago
profilename joined 5h 38m 52s ago
SWG Punching Bag joined 5h 8m 42s ago
Jean joined 4h 49m 38s ago
GCC99 joined 4h 32m 20s ago
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crush joined 4h 3m 10s ago
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Boona joined 2h 33m 17s ago
ElGringoLoco joined 2h 16m 7s ago
QuantumKyle joined 2h 6m 19s ago
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7KAY Custom joined 1h 52m 35s ago
The Grinch That ... joined 1h 51m 23s ago
Street joined 1h 44m 51s ago
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JAK joined 1h 35m 0s ago
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bashmiestah joined 1h 19m 19s ago
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Dyl joined 1h 2m 10s ago
tjmccracken318 joined 0h 59m 48s ago
Mondo joined 0h 55m 10s ago
fatslapper joined 0h 46m 46s ago
Dutch3211 joined 0h 43m 42s ago
The Proffitt joined 0h 42m 29s ago
CoolTeam joined 0h 37m 49s ago
QuickScope Cob's joined 0h 36m 28s ago
Rlaw22 joined 0h 30m 52s ago
Watched One joined 0h 30m 25s ago
Colonel Peanut joined 0h 28m 31s ago
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