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100XALL-09/17-S+-Kits-PVP-EZ TEK-S+-Auto-CFlyers - (v270.0)

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First Seen Aug 26, 2017 at 1:22 AM
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Posted by MacCorms 3 days ago (view single)
Server lags like no other, oh you're flying enjoy rubber banding ever few seconds. I mean seriously it's not hard to get a decent server especially if you're gonna ask for "donations" (P2W).
Posted by GetBent 1 week ago (view single)
Servers For one is hosted on a toaster my gram's first apple laptop runs better.Way to easy to get build up and that fact that you can be pay to win its stupid pay $20 for 2000 points and buy a shotgun that almost one shots almost all flyers but a few.We had to talk to admin and the owner about resist people and how they didn't care was dumb.
Posted by Crossyjr 1 week ago (view single)
I see why it is number 2 ranked at the moment as it is easy to get started and fun if you want to play for only a day. The points system is a bit broken.The fact that you can buy 2000 points ($20) and pretty much be able to buy anything from the shop is op, which leads to the admins not caring about the gameplay but more about the money (taking into account that the server does cost a lot of money to run) I would recommend joining a big tribe should you want to play on the server, but even then the admin tribes will come and raid you. It is a fun server to come and play on for a day or two but I wouldn't get too stressed over your base being wiped. <3 (This is how I perceived the gameplay after playing for a few days)
Posted by Crossyjr 1 week ago (view single)
Yes this server is easy to build on, but the easy tek is way too overpowered. Raiding is fun as you can get mats pretty easy but getting raided is not so much fun. Tribes will place down a tek forcefield and a teleporter outside your base and walk up to your turrets and drain them with ease. The fact that you are getting raided every 3-5 hours means that without a big tribe it is almost certain that you will be wiped overnight. I believe that ORP 2.0 mod should be added to decrease the chance of being wiped whilst you sleep.
Posted by Ghost223 1 week ago (view single)
very fun
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