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Nerd Parade's Ragnarok Server - (v259.35)

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Join IP: Map: ragnarok Rank: 6 Slots: 70
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First Seen Jun 13, 2017 at 10:19 AM
Last Offline 0d 7h 1m 36s ago
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Posted by Punch 1 week ago (view single)
More spot for the server PLEASE xD Have tried to join now in 2 hours but it is constantly full :P
Posted by Gangstakidd 1 week ago (view single)
awesome server lots of fun pvp :)
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Current Players: 42/70 (Auto-Updates)
VeganDutchman joined 4h 12m 3s ago
Breh joined 4h 11m 6s ago
TheGasMan joined 4h 10m 54s ago
dennismahr19 joined 4h 9m 44s ago
FoggyHen552587 joined 4h 8m 5s ago
ehendrickson28 joined 4h 7m 13s ago
moblivion joined 3h 49m 45s ago
[끒] Oiski Poiski... joined 3h 34m 49s ago
TessaAnnaMaire joined 3h 20m 34s ago
Thëydon | Pvpro.... joined 3h 12m 31s ago
dankstergangster joined 3h 7m 30s ago
Aepox joined 3h 2m 40s ago
Netti joined 3h 0m 30s ago
WitchBoyWolf joined 2h 49m 50s ago
Jack joined 2h 40m 16s ago
jwwwill3 joined 2h 40m 3s ago
Valyrian joined 2h 26m 12s ago
SuperDankCommy joined 2h 5m 24s ago
lizard joined 1h 55m 42s ago
McFluffleButt joined 1h 36m 41s ago
xStopBreathingx joined 1h 33m 12s ago
Sebago12 joined 1h 22m 7s ago
(IVORY)Peekaboot... joined 1h 17m 42s ago
Lukas joined 1h 15m 35s ago
Keenan joined 1h 15m 28s ago
emmanoune69 joined 1h 6m 19s ago
Pistori joined 1h 0m 44s ago
Mike Litorus joined 0h 57m 14s ago
Crystal joined 0h 55m 40s ago
123 joined 0h 53m 56s ago
Rift Eclipse YT joined 0h 52m 45s ago
stefan joined 0h 49m 36s ago
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GhostD6 joined 0h 38m 28s ago
[FEDO]SpedFedora joined 0h 22m 24s ago
TheRedHunter joined 0h 19m 26s ago
jt777 joined 0h 14m 31s ago
ShadowSniper96 joined 0h 12m 33s ago
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Tovori joined 0h 3m 18s ago
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BigMicrobe joined 0h 1m 3s ago