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Posted by Imortalic 7 months, 3 weeks ago
You're a complete moron, they lied to you and you believed them cause their log showed a single turret being destroyed. A turret that was near our base and shot us. Not right outside their base. They lied and told you that we tried to raid that person because of the single turret being destroyed. You were stupid enough to believe them, THEN, you banned us without asking our side of the story. You are a terrible admin.
Posted by SaltShakers 10 months, 1 week ago
Next time try telling the truth on what really happened. You guys were breaking the rules and blaintly lied to exploit them in a attempt to get a other tribe punished or banned. My friends don't even play ark. That tribe you are referring to is simply that, a other tribe. They were also season banned the season previously, and that is publicly documented. And my online friends that did play ark are permanently banned. Anyone that's played here back then know this.

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