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Posted by mnovelli 11 months ago
All 6 servers back online. Power went out 5 or 6 times for about 6000 homes and businesses in the area according to email from centerpoint energy. Setting up auto reboot on the dns server.
Posted by mnovelli 11 months ago
Found out there was a power outage longer than the aps backup. Power back on however need to setup auto reboot on the DNS noip.
Posted by mnovelli 11 months ago
Yea checking on that. Working night shift so will be in the morning. Didn't think anyone was playing on them lol. Have 5 and a dark and light.
Posted by atomicspiritus 11 months ago
Your servers seem to be down all of them.
Posted by mnovelli 11 months, 3 weeks ago
We have 4 servers running connected together by cluster. Currently Ragnarok, The Center, The Island, and Scorched Earth. All live at the same time. Will add one more when Aberration comes out this month. Took some mods off for testing. Then put them back. May have one or two I removed. To get server population up was thinking about removing some more. Server computer cpu is only running at 4 or 5% with 4 servers, memory is around 30% with 4 servers running. We can handle 40 players without log so bring some buddies it's free and you can play on 5 maps.
Posted by atomicspiritus 11 months, 3 weeks ago
Sweet another server. By any chance were some mods taken off?

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