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Posted on Salamandastron Cluster PvPvE.2XP.5G.10T.15M.Mods.S+.QoL - (v283
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Posted by JoeBeef 2 months, 4 weeks ago
I have played on a lot of servers both official and unofficial and this is a good server. Some of the highlights are probably the council of players and the in-house mod developer. There are alpha tribes, they generally try to only attack people who have tried to grief or randomly attack the small beginners but they are still people and as such you will see random battles happening on occasion. I have been here consistently for probably 3 or so months and I have yet to see any admin abuse, the admins are fair and just. There is a tribe made up of a couple of admins and the server owner but I have seen little to no examples of any abuse there. Occasionally griefers and general rabble-rousers join but they either settle down or go away quickly.