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Posted on Neptune Purge Saturdays PvPvE (x7, clustered) - (v256.7)
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Posted by queensmama 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Information: Map: Center Wipe Date: 10/23 Current stats are 7x all except breeding 15X Max Wild Dino Level 120 Max Player Level 151 POST NERF STATS Wipes happen as needed. Rules *All new survivors will be welcomed with respect *Be mature; No excessive or abusive language; Hate language will not be tolerated. *No incapacitating other players PAST Saturday @ 1159PM *No excessively greifing other players * No rare resource or dino spawn blocking (This is artifact caves and loot crates) *Hacking, exploiting, aim bots, 3rd party software and scripts that give you an advantage will all result in a ban *Battle animals of any type are not permitted (build up not down on platform saddles - excludes ramps) Admins will kill on sight - no excuses *No Advertising or Recruiting of any sort (We will allow you to broadcast your Twitch stream ONCE every 3 hours if you are advertising the server on your stream!) *QjustQ, Tiahna, and Vinn are your server admins... Be Nice!