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6/13 IR PvP/75x/OPloot/AA/S+/2.0/Kit/Event/CrossAb - (v280.115)

nsanity Realm is a new ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated server

Web App:
Join now: steam://connect/
Ark Servers Listing:

Server Features:

Cluster - The server is clustered with The Island and Shigo Islands

75x Official rates (no clamping). - This means if you used to pick 4 berries on official, you now pick 4x75 (300 berries).

Custom Loot Drops. - All Beacons have been customized to provide you extremely optimized and PvP friendly loot!

Multiple Mods - See below for the Mod List!

Offline Raid Protection - Get's enabled two hours after your entire tribe logs out. PvP is face to face like it should be!

Shop System - an entire in-game shop and kits system is available, insanity style. Points can be purchased through the store or earned in-game!

Customized chat window - Using the CustomChat plugin, we're able to offer veterans a unique display of their server history through the prestige system. Chat window shows just how elite you really are.

Leaderboard - See which players rank amongst the strongest PvPers and be rewarded for your prestige!

Ingame Events - Tired of things being the same? Want pvp oriented events that are rewarding? We've got you covered.

Modified levels, stat progress, max levels, and wild levels - Wild level Dinos up to 225, Max dino and Player levels through an exponentially difficult experience system - all at 150x rates!

Prestige system - Prestige system for being the best, grants you unique rewards, points, and access to unobtainables!

Server wipes - Players will decide when the server wipes through a weekly voting system. The server will not wipe for at least 14 days.

Aberration Dinos - Available via the in-game point shop and spawned into the game!

Automated Events - we have multiple events that are automated! Including battlegrounds, arenas, and the like!

Connect to the server:

Welcome to Insanity Realm! Let's get you connected:

1. Go to the Mod List below and subscribe to all Mods listed.

2. Open ARK: Survival Evolved and wait for all mods to finish installing (bottom right corner)

3. Press WIN+R (Windows Key + R) to launch the run command.

*4. Paste steam://connect/ for The Island
-alternate direct connect link steam://connect/

*4b. Paste steam://connect/ for Shigo Islands
-alternate direct connect link steam://connect/

5. Press OK, and enjoy!

Mod List:

Editable Server UI

Structures Plus (S+)

Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0]

Classic Glider

Classic Flyers

Awesome Teleporters


Automated Ark

Spawnable Floating Islands

Super Spyglass (Open Source)

OffLine Guard System

Structure Saver

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 1/201 (Auto-Updates)
wildglass joined 1h 31m 59s ago

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Posted by insanityrealm 1 week ago (view single)
Brand new fresh wipe! Website at Changelog at Updated after changes / wipes!
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