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southwest.3211 joined 7h 15m 39s ago
yooby joined 7h 15m 38s ago
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T04D1E(Pete) joined 6h 2m 51s ago
Bubba Da Beast joined 5h 46m 52s ago
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Ummas joined 4h 59m 18s ago
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Fire Lord Leon joined 0h 8m 35s ago
Falunar joined 0h 7m 5s ago

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Posted by ThePluggo 1 week ago (view single)
MyServerISNOTPAY2WIN- New server April 7th 2017. The Island map. RP PvPvE. 10X XP 10X Gather 20X Tame 20X Breeding 10X Egg Hatch. Active and fair admins always there to help. Helpful and friendly community so far. Quality of Life Mods. Discord:
Posted by ReColt1717 2 weeks ago (view single)
Join Chraae, it is better, it has good rates and doesn't lag the server
Posted by mynameamuslim01 3 months ago (view single)
how do i join?
Posted by CaptainCannibal 3 months ago (view single)
It's an English speaking server to begin with mate, also your Portuguese is really broken. Apply to
Posted by okillerBR 3 months ago (view single)
pig como faso para entra no server]
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