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ARKenstone Primal Extinction PVE - (v265.0)

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Map: Ragnarok
T10x H3x XP10x
Maxlevel player 185
Maxlevel wild dino 600
Levels after tame 150

Server Modlist:
  • Extinction Core
  • Primal Fear + Boss expantion
  • Dragontail
  • Classic flyers
  • Castles and keeps
  • Upgrade station
  • Structures plus
  • Automated ARK
  • Resource stacks
  • Super Spyglass
  • eco's Tek Dekor
  • eco's RP Dekor
  • eco's Terrariums
  • Bore water kit
  • Tek 3.0
  • Awesome Teleporters

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Current Players: 3/45 (Auto-Updates)
Katie sam joined 1h 49m 4s ago
skydude92 joined 1h 47m 27s ago
Robbo joined 1h 28m 2s ago

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