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TacoTuesday's RP Vanilla PvP NoKOS NoOfflineRaid - (v255.62)


How does it feel to play a Taco Tuesday! server? Kinda like this.
We are a group of clustered Ark servers that have been playing for over a year. This first island has been running since August of 2015 and has never been wiped. We have had lots of players come and go over this last year, but the community has always been very relaxed and toxic free!

Location - Phx, AZ, USA
Map - The Island, Scorched Earth, and The Center
Max Players - 70
Difficulty - 500% (same as officials, meaning 150 max lvl wild dinos)
Taming Speed - 1x (technically x2 now, same as officials with x3 weekends)
Resource Gathering - 1x (technically x2 now, same as officials with x3 weekends)
Map Location - On
Third Person - On
Dino Downloads - Cluster Only
Survivor Downloads - Cluster Only
Item Downloads - Cluster Only
Crosshairs - Off
Auto Demolish - x2 (Thatch 8 days, Wood 16 days, Stone 24 days, Metal 32 days)
No mods


  • No KOS w/o RP - you gotta have a reason to attack. this is to prevent griefing. examples when its ok to kill: if you are robbed, defending territory, if theyre blocking or taking resources, abandoned buildings, etc. just communicate! you can even decide to "rp" an assassin! (but be warned, you'll probably have the rest of the server hunting you down too) *note, turrets ARE allowed, but if they are outdoors please keep them set to "low" or "medium" and with a warning. retaliation for birds lost to hidden turrets is allowed.

  • No Offline Raiding - ANY destruction of property while a tribe is offline is considered offline raiding. this will result in a 3 day ban for first offenses, followed by a perma-ban for repeat offenses. however, inactive bases are free to raid. bases will be deemed inactive after about a month of inactivity (when they are available to auto-demolish). dinosaurs can be freely killed if the ENTIRE surrounding base is auto-demolishable. Admins can provide info of which tribes are on or offline. (Message us in steam for discretion.)

  • No Griefing - you know what griefing is. don't be a dick.

  • Don't Block Resources - placing thatch foundations everywhere is not cool. blocking off artifact caves is not cool. building walls across the entire valley is not cool. (small bases outside caves for respawn are allowed)

  • Respect Neutral Zones - small outposts, such as mining bases and cave respawn beds, are considered community property areas. please build there sparingly and respect close neighbors in the area. raiding these bases is not cool. however, if you are blocking resources buildings may be removed. *note, don't leave stuff in your outposts. its just not smart.

  • Rules of War - Wars must be declared by the attacker, acknowledged by the defender, and witnessed by 1 outside tribe. Once a war is in effect, KoS and Online Raiding is allowed within the participating tribes. However, offline raiding is still NOT allowed (unless the tribes agree to it within their own war rules.) Wars do NOT have to be agreed upon by both parties to take place, but, anyone is allowed to join in on anyone else's war for any reason. Alliances are not required to participate in war, but if they choose to, must also declare their involvement. If a tribe chooses to raid or KoS without declaring their war intent, then they are considered a Hostile tribe, and can be freely KoS'd by anyone. Hostile tribes are declared by admins only.

Most of us are pretty chill. We enjoy our peaceful server and try to promote a helpful community that loves tacos and dinosaurs. However we are not afraid to go to war if the need arises. Admins available to assist with bugs and glitches. There is an open arena in the northeast corner of the Island map for all players where we encourage events. Events will be announced on the Message of the Day and Steam Group and on the website, .

Steam Group Page Upvote

To Join, Open your Steam, Go to View > Servers > Favorites tab > Add a Server button. Then enter:

My Steam Name (for any questions.)

Bonus Brontaco Truck!

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 0/70 (Auto-Updates)
This server could not be reached. When it can be reached, this will automatically refresh.
The server may be offline, being updated/restarted, it may be lagging, or possibly something else.
Some servers might be too far from our server tracker to query (we give 15 seconds before timeout).

Once contact is made again - this will update automatically.

Latest Comments

Posted by AceQuake 2 months, 2 weeks ago (view single)
This is a Great server People are helpful , NO offline raiding unlike offical servers I have about 600 hrs in Ark all on this server . They have active admin who care about the server and the People on it. They go out of there way to help People .
Posted by FearfulSnake 10 months, 1 week ago (view single)
It's an honor to admin this server to make it fun and fair for the players. We here at Taco Tuesday make sure the game is fun and fair for all players. The userbase are great and friendly people who are always ready to help new players.
Posted by Mandinko 10 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
here in taco tuesday we are a laid back friendly server with vanilla settings to give the survivor a true neutral setting as the game was intended to be played, we have a safe environment to play in(besides the dinos) survival is a struggle, and that is what this server is all about, you vs the environment, team up if you can survive and be a champion survivalist in Ark, ask for stuff or help if you would like, but the true champions are recognized and have a better chance to be adopted by other tribes based on their skill set and team co-op abilities and their stand alone survival capabilities. enjoy Ark
Posted by IamRexRiot 1 year, 1 week ago (view single)
Great place to play, admins are awesome an always take time to assist. Been enjoying every second of it
Posted by Princess 1 year, 2 weeks ago (view single)
Lovely community! Helpful admins and lots of great folks. We even have a Princess!!
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