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Wiped 4/20 DefiantPvP Aberr Clust/S+3XP/5xH/7xT/15xB - (v279.26

We are a top notch server community with an impressive dedi which offers high quality performance.
Our Admins and Devs are active around the clock, willing to help and assist you at anytime.
If you are tired of jumping server to server to find a new Ark home, the hassle is over! Make DefiantPvP your only server!
We have minimal rules, few mods, and a emphasis on competitive PVP!
For in-depth information, it can be found on our discord as well as on the server via SirShakz or any other Admin.
Come Chat! =

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Current Players: 10/75 (Auto-Updates)
WinkyTheWonderWo... joined 9h 57m 10s ago
YourFriendlyTank joined 8h 33m 29s ago
Robocop joined 6h 7m 46s ago
Droyd joined 3h 17m 33s ago
cond00r joined 3h 8m 33s ago
Sheogorath joined 2h 41m 44s ago
Vain joined 1h 41m 41s ago
Re-Frag joined 1h 10m 31s ago
Ricnan Tarnycos joined 1h 10m 2s ago
Aurora B Rose joined 0h 3m 3s ago

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