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held head high - (v284.104)

New Server. Opened on 05/10/2018.
Clustered with Ragnarok-Aberration-Center
PVPVE Tribes of Max 5 People
ORP activates 30min after all tribe members log off
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Rates and Settings:
Taming Speed - 20x
Harvesting - 5x
Experience - 5x
Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier - 5
Draining Multiplier - 0.2
Starvation Multiplier - 0.5
Mating Multiplier - 2
Baby Mature Speed Multiplier - 10
Lay Egg Interval Multiplier - 0.5
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - 10
Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier - 0.5
Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier - 5
Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier - 0.1
Anyone In Your Tribe Can Cuddle The Baby
Crop Growth Speed Multiplier - 25
Resource Respawn Multiplier - 1.0
Dino Harvesting Damage Multiplier - 2
Wild Dinos Have 2x Speed
Dinos Have Increased Weight
Increased Player Weight, Food, Water Stats
Floating Damage Text Is On
Resources Health Multiplier - 0.7
3rd Person Mode Enabled
Diseases Are Enabled But You Will Lose Your Disease When You Respawn
Flyers Will Regain Stamina While Flying (You Can Dismount Your Quetzal To Regains Stamina)
Unlimited Respecs
Corpse Locator
Player Level Cap Raised To 282
Wild Dino Levels Are Raised To 360
Turret Damage To Dinos - 3x
Tribe Log Shows Who Destroyed Structures
Structures Auto-Decay - If You Do Not Log On Your Base Will Decay - 4 Days For Thatch/Small Utility Structures, 8 Days For Wood, 12 Days For Stone, 16 Days For Metal, And 35 Days For Tek
Added Engram Points - Solo Players Will Be Able To Unlock Everything
Custom Drops
-Stacks For Humans (manually edited some multipliers);
-Super Spyglass;
-Structures Plus (S+) (no nanny imprinting-just feeding,water irrigation anywhere);
-Auction House;
-Najs Speedy Flyers Flyers (breedable griffins);
-Platforms Plus,
-Editable Server UI,
-Death Recovery Mod (exclusive via TC rewards vault)
-Awesome Teleporters (exclusive via TC rewards vault)
-Kibble table (exclusive via TC rewards vault)
Steam Mod List:
If you foundation wipe a base, expect the same in return.
Do not raid the same base in a 48-hour period, let them build back up.
In open map if a PVP player attacks you on a dino then its fair game to kill the dino -in the event of this happening please screenshot-f12-as much as you can as it proves who’s done what and helps admins resolve matters.
A PVP can turn PVE. At the cost of all buildings, loot and dino's at the request of Admins.
A PVE tribe leader can announce to change their status to PVP, this will give them a 48 hour transition period and cannot raid or be raided for that period.
If a PVE Tribe attacks a PVP base they will be reviewed by admins, please take screenshots-f12-in the event of this happening as admins can enforce their status to go PVP.
Raiding your allies is prohibited.
It is forbidden to Drop or Kite wild dinosaurs into foreign bases.
PVE has complete protection from PVP Raiding, or killing of PVE players anywhere on the map.
If a PVE player gets attacked or killed please screenshot-f12- the tribe log and one of our admins will deal with it
A PVE tribe leader can announce to change their status to PVP, this will give them a 48 hour transition period and cannot raid or be raided for that period.
It is forbidden to Drop and or Kite wild dinosaurs in foreign bases.
Do not scatter the map with PVE buildings as other players will want to build too.
Plant X's or turrets must be on wild dinos only. But inside your building where your storage and crafting areas , you can have protection set to minimum and set to players and dinos using species or turrets .

Other :-
3 incidents of breaking the rules, will result in a ban.
Players are expected to behave fairly and appropriately, not to disturb or harass other players and not to take away game play and fun.

Remember, this is a SURVIVAL GAME,♥♥♥♥♥♥will happen, things will be said ... at the end of the day its just a game.

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Current Players: 1/10 (Auto-Updates)
Insidex joined 1h 16m 38s ago

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This server is clustered with Ragnarok-Center-Aberration maps
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