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[UK][14/04]Nocturnal Cluster[Ragnarok][3XP,5H,10T][S+] - (v279.

Fresh wipe 29/03/2018 - Our last map reset ran for over 5 months but the Centre map being abandoned has forced a new start on The Island

Now is the best opportunity you will have to join our extremely active community and long term player base.

We're looking for more active players to build our server community. This is a Dedicated server with 100% up time!

Highlights of this server:
  • No Wipes - none not ever - active admin will remove old structures

  • Offline Raid Potection - 1 Hour after last tribe meber log out

  • Minimal Mods - we only use ones that enhance the ARK experience

  • Active community with long term and new members - 30+ Players most evenings

  • Dedicated steam group

  • Dedicated Discord Group

  • Active and fair admin

  • Regular server events

  • PVP orientated but with basic rules to protect players

  • 100% up time

  • Very High Spec Servers to illiminate Lagggg

  • Auto Turrets can be built tame platforms!

About us:
This is our dedicated 40 slot server. We have an active community and settings are fully discussed before any changes, No wiping not ever! (unless the map is abandoned by developers!). Although this is a PVP server we do have some basic rules to help make the game enjoyable for all:

Server Rules:
  • No Building in or blocking off cave entrances (Ruins are fine)

  • No complete destruction of bases or assets (Only destroy what you need to for gaining access to the base if chests are pinned then they can be destroyed to get the loot, Do not just empty the chest so they do not have any items).

  • No killing of Passive dinosaurs (Plain and simple we all spend a ton of time taming and this should just be common sense). If they bite then they're free game!

  • No Killing newbies for no reason or Griefing

Server Settings:
  • Crosshair is enabled

  • Third Person view is enabled

  • Lvl 200 Player cap

  • No Alliances - It kills the in game chat

  • Auto Turets and tame platforms are enabled

  • 10x Gathering

  • 10x XP

  • 15x Taming

We keep the server simple and run:
  • Structures Plus (S+)

  • Death Helper

  • Stackable Foundations

  • Mini Industrial Forge

  • Resource Stacks

  • Better Beacons 2.0

  • Utilities

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 2/40 (Auto-Updates)
xBreeza V joined 1h 8m 50s ago
DectoroptixDan joined 0h 20m 4s ago

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