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HEIMDAL - (v280.132)

♣♣♣ Server launched on 3-30-18 ♣♣♣

---------====♣♣♣ VERY ACTIVE - 10 - 20 ON PER NIGHT ♣♣♣====---------

Tired of being wiped on Official?

Tired of extremely large tribes trampling you?

Tired of the endless grind?

Checkout our new Ragnarok server that will launch on Friday, 3-30. We have a tribe limit of 5 people, with no alliances. This server is PVP oriented with very few rules (listed below) and only a few mods. We will likely be adding a Aberration server when most on server are ready for it.

♣♣♣ HOW TO JOIN ♣♣♣

Website, Click “Click Here to Play”:

To join Ragnarok via run, open "Run" on your PC and run (The IP is subject to change, best to bookmark website and add me on steam):

♣♣♣ Discord ♣♣♣

♣♣♣ Highlighted Server Settings ♣♣♣
♦Tribe limit 5
♦No Alliances
♦Offline Raid Protection
♦Taming 20x
♦Gathering 6-ish-x
♦XP 10x
♦Baby Mature 20x
♦2x Weight per point
♦2x HP per point
♦Engram points per level increased

♣♣♣ TC's Auto Rewards ♣♣♣
♦You will gain 1 ARC point per hour played on server.
♦The ARC points are linked to your Steam ID and cannot be traded or taken.
♦You can purchase items and packs from the Auto Rewards vault with ARC points.
♦The Auto Rewards Vault is an in game item that can be crafted and placed on any 1x1 wall.
♦There are 1 time buy item packs for new players and advancing players.
♦We are always open to ideas for new packs and items to add to this. Simply voice your ideas in discord.

♣♣♣ Rules ♣♣♣
♦Don’t be toxic.

♦You cannot completely wipe a base. You can blow your way in and destroy all defenses to raid.

♦You CAN kill any dinos that are not in a passive pen.

♦You CAN kill any person or dino you see in the open world.

♦No building at Oby's, metal spawns, or Artifact spawns.

♦You may only have 2 bases per map.

♦You may only have 2 land passive pens per map.

♦You may only have 1 water passive pen per map.

♦You cannot wall yourself in on a platform saddle, you must be pick-able.

♦You can only imprison someone for 1 hour.

♦You may build 1 FOB (Raid Base) while raiding, limited to a 2x2 base with 6 max turrets. (Must be destroyed after the raid).

♦You can have multiple oil pumps per map, but you can only have 1 locked oil pump per map.

♣♣♣ Passive Pens ♣♣♣

♦Passive pen per base is allowed (max 2 bases per server, if you merge tribes, you are responsible for clearing extra bases!), 1 water pen per server allowed. List of what is allowed and not allowed in a passive pen is below.

♦This pen must be SEPERATE but NEAR the base. If the passive pen is in the way of raiding your base, it can be considered collateral damage. Dinos in a marked pen set to the side on PASSIVE should NOT be killed. Marked pen is a pen with large signs all around it stating passive pen, preferably billboards. Pens can be a fully enclosed building or just railing and fence foundations, as long as it is enclosing the dinos. You can also use terrain as part of your walls, so long as the dinos are enclosed within a “pen.”

♦Only exception to this would be water pens as not everyone has beach front property. These pens can be on any coast and can only hold water dinos.

♦You cannot drop wild dinos in passive pens. This will most likely result in a ban.

♦The passive pen can contain 3 different types of dinos. Of those 3 different types, you may only keep 1 male and two females (You’re best breeders). You can also store 2 of each gathering dino (Quetz, Anky, Doed, Theri, etc). If you have more then this, It is open to PVP, meaning, a PvPer can choose which dinos he would like to kill to take you down to 3 of each type, 3 of that type. Be sure to take screenshots of your passive pens and tames for proof in case you are wronged by another.


♦Admins MAY restore your dinos if your passive pen is wronged.

♣♣♣ MODS ♣♣♣

♣♣♣ All Server Settings ♣♣♣
Admin Logging: ON (all admin commands used will be displayed in chat. No cheating.)
Allow Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: ON
Allow Hit Markers: ON
Allow Third Person Camera: ON
Disable Structure Placement Collision: ON
Disable Weather Fog: ON
Enable Crosshairs: ON
Enable Extra Structure Prevention Volumes: ON
Enable PvP Gamma: ON
Force All Structure Locking: ON
Passive Defenses Damage Riderless Dinos: ON
Prevent Offline PvP: ON
Prevent Spawn Animations: ON
Prevent Tribe Alliances: ON
PvP Dino Decay: ON
PvP Structure Decay: ON
Random Supply Crate Points: ON
Show Floating Damage Text: ON
Show Map Player Location: ON
Tribe Log Destroyed Enemy Structures: ON
Max Number Of Players In Tribe: 5
Max Personal Tamed Dinos: 300
Max Structures In Range: 6000
Prevent Offline PvP Interval: 900 (15 MINUTES)
Tribe Name Change Cooldown: 480 (8 HOURS)
Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier: 3
Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.05
Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed Multiplier: .6
Baby Food Consumption Speed Multiplier: 2.5
Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier: 1.3
Baby Mature Speed Multiplier: 20
Crop Decay Speed Multiplier: .5
Crop Growth Speed Multiplier: 5
Day Cycle Speed Scale: 1
Day Time Speed Scale: .5
Difficulty Offset: .8
Dino Character Stamina Drain Multiplier: .7
Dino Count Multiplier: 1.5
Dino Harvesting Damage Multiplier: 4
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: 40
Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier: 3
Global Corpse Decomposition Time Multiplier: 3
Global Item Decomposition Time Multiplier: 3
Global Spoiling Time Multiplier: 1
Harvest Amount Multiplier: 2.5
Harvest Health Multiplier: 3
Mating Interval Multiplier: .5
Night Time Speed Scale: 2
Override Official Difficulty: 8
Per Platform Max Structures Multiplier: 3
Player Character Food Drain Multiplier: .7
Player Character Health Recovery Multiplier: 1.2
Player Character Stamina Drain Multiplier: .75
Player Character Water Drain Multiplier: .7
Player Harvesting Damage Multiplier: 6
Poop Interval Multiplier: .3
Resources Respawn Period Multiplier: .5
Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: 4
Taming Speed Multiplier: 20
Wild Dino Character Food Drain Multiplier: 1.3
XP Multiplier: 10

Server hosted in Dallas Texas, USA and has amazing ping times.

Add me on steam if you have any questions. 

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 0/60 (Auto-Updates)
This server could not be reached. When it can be reached, this will automatically refresh.
The server may be offline, being updated/restarted, it may be lagging, or possibly something else.
Some servers might be too far from our server tracker to query (we give 15 seconds before timeout).

Once contact is made again - this will update automatically.

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Nice Server , admin is very fair , and shows logs when disputes arise . One of the best Thanks guys
Posted by ThugNasty 3 months, 1 week ago (view single)
Check us out!
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