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[Wipe 6/8]Odins'Ark PVPClusterRag [3XP/5G/7T/15M] (S+/SEL/Ki -

Welcome to the official Odins'Ark PVP page!

We are currently recruiting for a fun filled pvp server with a very mature community!
Ages 16+ Required, anyone under the required age has to be approved by an admin.

All Odins'Ark Servers are powered by,
For more information on the absolute best server provider around, please check them out --->Here<---

=====What do we offer?=====

- Incredible Admin assistance, All admins are very friendly, Admins are always available,
- Very Easy-To-follow Rules.
- Populated Servers with an incredibly helpful community
- Very Organized Discord, you will never find yourself "lost" in there.
- Monthly Raffles, Weekly Events
- Private Discord channels/Roles for you and your tribe upon request
- A great Ark PVP Experience, and a place for players to feel "Home"

=====Current Maps=====

We are currently hosting Three Maps Ragnarok, Aberration, And Island servers. But have high plans to open more maps, maps will be 100% community vote as to whats added as the new cluster.

Cross-Transfer: Anything from Aberration can come to rag, However, only Aberration dinos can travel back to Aberration, Items etc can travel at will.

Ragnarok Page

Aberration Page

Island Page


We are currently running only 5 mods for the smoothest runing server we can provide, aswell as incredibly fast load in time. Server uptime has never fallen below 99%

Mod List


We currently have over 400 of some of the best and helpful community members, and are looking to grow even further to help everyone build a foundation of a pvp server we can all call home.


For a list of our rules, regulations, etc. please join us on our Discord and see what were all about, Join Links and everything you will need in order to join us will be in our Discord!

Hope to see you all there!

Server Settings:

-- 3x XP
- 5x Gathering
- 7x Tame
- 15x Breeding/Maturation
- Max Player Level = 100
- Max Dino Level = 150
- Dino Levels After Tame = 100

==============Character Stats=========
Starting Health/Stam/Food/Water is 1.5x more than normal.

============Gains Per Level===========
Health = 2.0
Stamina = 2.0
Oxygen = 1.5
Food = 1.5
Water = 1.5
Weight = 2.5
Fortitude = 3.0
Crafting Skill = 1.5

============Whats Disabled?============
- S+ Nanny
- Titanosaur Saddles.
- Grinder/(S+ Grinder Re-Enabled)(Due to the Dupping glitch)

==========ORP SETTINGS:================

Orp Takes 60 Minutes to kick in.
Buildings get 10x HP while ORP is active. Making Offline Raiding possible. BUT very hard to accomplish.
Passive Dinos are Immune to damage while ORP is active.

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 98/100 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by TheShivPrincess 2 days ago (view single)
Trying to join but it says i need to make sure the latest mod content is installed on the server... any ideas?
Posted by dmustanger1 1 week ago (view single)
Please tell me your ingame name so i can come raid you :D
Posted by ChrisWebson 1 week ago (view single)
I took away my harsh comment because the deed has been done. This is a great server now that the abuse has stepped down. I will look into playing this server again.
Posted by Pikaley 1 week ago (view single)
love the server, great admins, active community, and freshly wiped so everyone starting from scratch on a level field again
Posted by Taiine 1 week ago (view single)
Nice server, laied back community who's helpful. GG's all around for raiding.
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