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[EU][PVP]NO WIPE[X10ALL]S+/STACK+/ORP >>NarKotiK<< - (v265.3)

>>> SEASON 4 >>>

The Island : [EU][PVP]WIPE 01/04[X10ALL]S+/STACK+/ORP2 >>NarKotiK<<
Server IP :

LAST WIPE : 21/04

Server Setting :

Taming - x20
Gathering - x10
EXP - x10
Egghatch - x20
Babymaturation - x20
Max Wild Dino Level - 150
Max Character Level - 105

S +
Stack +
Tabula Rasa
Egg collector
Seven's Forge Kit
Kibble Vending Machine

Server Rules :

- Number of members per tribe limited to 20

- Limit of dinos per tribe fixed at 400

- The grievance is not allowed (build around a base under construction in order to prevent it from spreading properly, respawn kill a player etc ...)

- Prisoners should be imprisoned for up to 30 minutes.

- Forbidden to build or block the entry into the caves

- Prohibition to disconnect during a raid after a server reboot in order to activate the ORP without undergoing the duration of activation of the timer (30min).
In case of non respect of this rule the admin will use the commands allows the assailant to plunder everything

- Respawning a player (respawn kill, relentless to prevent rebuild after a raid etc.), see a totally unbalanced combat (Raid a stone base while you have a big base, kill all the dinos of a small Tribe etc.) will be severely punished. We allege the rules but maintain a rule called "FAIR PLAY"

* The server administrator reserves the right to prohibit, to exclude toxic players in order to preserve the good functioning of the server.

- Demo Gun/Repear Gun disabled

- Titan & Golem & Wyvern disabled

- Plant X disabled

- Alliance disabled

- Gamma disabled

ADMIN IG/STEAM : X4nd3r & Dtfree & Joyce

TeamSpeak :
Pass : verygames


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Current Players: 0/100 (Auto-Updates)
This server could not be reached. When it can be reached, this will automatically refresh.
The server may be offline, being updated/restarted, it may be lagging, or possibly something else.
Some servers might be too far from our server tracker to query (we give 15 seconds before timeout).

Once contact is made again - this will update automatically.

Latest Comments

Posted by OhWiseOne 3 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
MyServerISNOTPAY2WIN- New server April 7th 2017. The Island map. RP PvPvE. 10X XP 10X Gather 20X Tame 20X Breeding 15X Egg Hatch. Active and fair admins always there to help. Helpful and friendly community so far. Quality of Life Mods. Discord:
Posted by Tenorio 3 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
Posted by marcuszxy123 3 months, 4 weeks ago (view single)
A really good server, massive amount of PVP and its easy to get started. Admins are really helpfull.
Posted by Protosszea 4 months, 2 weeks ago (view single)
This server is bad, The owner tests out new mods on your own base (Leaving ares wiped) They trash talk alot on global, They can raid others but you cannot raid anyone else because it "kills the server" And they threated to ban us because of this. The admins do nothing on this server apart from PVP and raid, I would not goto this server because it is overall trash.
Posted by ReColt1717 4 months, 2 weeks ago (view single)
Join Chraae, is has better rates, the server has respectful admins that will assist you in anything.
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