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Official Ark Settings PVPVE Fresh 1-1-17 - (v253.992)

This is a single, non-transfer server with official ark settings. With all of the takeovers lately, I wanted a place that I could still enjoy ark without the fear of outsiders ruining months/years worth of work. This server can only be taken over from within and within the limit of the rules. The rules are simple and designed to increase gameplay and server stability.

Welcome to the unofficial official server. The settings are the same as official servers.

1. Don't block resource nodes.
2. Don't build in caves or on obelisks.
3. Don't pen beavers.
4. Clear your protective structures after a tame.

Administrators are active, but WILL NOT interfere unless absolutely necessary. The intent of the server is to be almost exactly like an official server.

Enjoy the server!

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Current Players: 2/70 (Auto-Updates)
jeff61124 joined 1h 10m 47s ago
MrDamahan joined 0h 45m 16s ago

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Posted by Kruetzu 6 days ago (view single)
Great server with official settings! Server is silky smooth, clearly must be on some nice hardware. Can't wait for more people to join! Admin is mature, friendly and active. Thanks for a great place to call home!
Posted by Rumplestilskin53 6 days ago (view single)
Great server, best option for "unofficial" server status. 2x everything just like on official, just not the "official" status. Great admin, very active and looking for people to join. Great community!!
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