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Covenant of The Ark -Aberration - (v284.104)

Server Settings:

10x Harvest / Taming / XP
Longer Days / Shorter Nights
50% Food / Water Consumption
5x Crop Growth Speed
5x Baby Maturation / Egg Laying / Mating
Obtain All Engrams
Crosshair Enabled
Thirdperson Enabled
Damage Numbers Enabled
Rock Drakes / Phoenix on Ragnarok
Water Intake Anywhere
Increased Weight Gain
Website With Stat Tracking


Better Reusables
Super Spyglass (Open Source)
Classic Flyers
Wyvern Nests Plus
Structures Plus (S+)
Resource Stacks

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Current Players: 2/60 (Auto-Updates)
MistaJingles joined 1h 8m 55s ago
kenidur joined 0h 21m 56s ago

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Posted by bliksemdraakje 5 months, 2 weeks ago (view single)
where are the rock drake phoenix and griffin nests?
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