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[PC] [PvPvE] BADWOLF RAGNAROK [EU] - (v278.3)

New Server: X10XP X6G X10T X15B Ragnarok, Aberration on release

We are a friendly player base looking for more for friendly PVP and PVE. Growing base of casual and dedicated players ages 25 years old or more mostly from the UK and Europe. searching for new players. Who are sick of being wiped on day 1 by large tribes and exploitative admin, weekly wipes,and poor maintenance. We are long term funded server.
We do not tolerate day one wipes bullying or any toxicity.

We do not have active in game Admins instead we have moderators who notify our admin for any in game issues. Moderators have no access to console commands unless permitted by the Admin. Anyone can apply to the server owner to become a moderator.

We would like to keep PVP fair, fun and competitive. And PVE not handed to you on day 1 with easy rates. We try and keep a risk Vs reward elements Without days of grinding.

There is in game currency Shop/kits. Simply playing on the server will earn you points as well has extra points for server promotions and event participation. Regular server events that encourage open world PVP and and get you all out of your bases. Special rate boost weekends and other PVE events

Cave damage has been reduced along with water consumption. Tribe limit is set to 5

Ark: Aberration will be added on release and other clusters maybe added as the player base grows

Get your spot on Ragnarok and get ready for Aberration More info can be found on our Discord channel.

All welcome. Come and join us and help us build this server. Mods. Shop & kits Structures Plus (S+), 731604991 Egg & poop Collector, 554678442 Loot sense, 887023710 Stacking Mod, 630601751 Speed saddles, 949534127 Utilities plus, 899250777 Mindwipes, 952579788 Stargates, 609380111 Mini forge, 590046776 ORP2, 600705968

X10XP X6G X10T X15B

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 12/20 (Auto-Updates)
Sean joined 5h 20m 5s ago
Geeeeg joined 4h 39m 47s ago
Bloo joined 4h 36m 28s ago
R@ging^Bull^ joined 3h 55m 44s ago
Tigels joined 3h 15m 35s ago
dehelderziende joined 2h 1m 24s ago
Bentley joined 1h 53m 56s ago
Cattadog11 joined 1h 31m 36s ago
cptbaldrick joined 1h 31m 27s ago
timthijsen joined 1h 4m 53s ago
farrowamy-87 joined 0h 56m 7s ago
loaded27 joined 0h 12m 43s ago

Latest Comments

Posted by krennos 3 months ago (view single)
very nice server, a friendly community and a lots of fun !! :)
Posted by HauptmannTinus 4 months ago (view single)
Great server come take a look!
Posted by Tigels 4 months, 1 week ago (view single)
WIPED 08/10/17
Posted by Tigels 4 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
ARK: Aberration - Expansion Cluster added after release.
Posted by Tigels 4 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
New server looking for more players for grown up friendly pvp and pve. Come join us
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